When did you last thank your team?

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2 min readJun 1, 2023


Let’s be honest. Receiving thanks is a wonderful thing.

We all like recognition for what we’ve done, created and contributed to.

Getting acknowledgement lets us know we are heading in the right direction, and makes us remember we are not doing this alone. It also gives us that little pick me up, especially if times are difficult or projects are challenging.

Heartfelt thanks make us all work harder and better.

The team around you needs to hear your gratitude. Taking time out to thank people is a vital thing to do as a ‘boss’. Whether you have a big team, or just one other direct person you work with. Even if you are working solely in the business at the moment, you’ll still have a ‘team’ around you. Don’t dismiss those who make the business work in the background, whatever the capacity and however little they do in ‘hours’. They deserve Thank You’s too.

Who are some of these Thank You’s for?

Your IT support when things go wrong, or that geeky friend you speak to that shares the apps and software that might just. The membership you are part of. Your co-working buddies. The copy writer that tweaked your website, so it now reads beautifully. The accountants that do all that finance stuff you don’t enjoy. You get the idea.

Make gratitude a part of your business values.

Make a list of the ‘team’ you have and make it a regular thing to reach out and thank people for what they add or have added to your business. We all love a little pat on the back, some acknowledgement of the hard times we’ve worked through. Help others see and experience it by saying thank you for jobs well done.

PS: Here’s one from us to you: Thank YOU, for stepping out of the ordinary life, for being willing to brave the world of being a business owner. For choosing to be a speaker, author, coach who wants to change the world for the better. For being a Changemaker.

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