What parts of your work bring you joy?

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2 min readMay 18, 2023


Part of working for yourself is that you get to do things you love.

Depending on the stage you are at in your speaker, author, coach journey, you may be doing much that is not as joy bringing as you might like. If you’ve got to the stage of working with a team, you may be having more (or less!) success in doing things you love.

We ALL have to do things we don’t like within a business.

The key is to keep your eye on the prize. Having a list of the parts of work that bring you joy and making sure you do at least 2–3 solid sessions of that weekly can exponentially support you in running the rest of the business. If you put the things you LOVE at the heart of your activities, you’ll be more motivated to do the other things that need doing too.

Do a quick inventory of last week — what percentage of it was filled with things that delight you (writing, speaking, teaching, guiding, coaching, connecting people, influencing, supporting, etc)?

Make sure you are doing things you DO like too.

Doing at least 30–40% of things that you enjoy on a weekly basis can make the rest of your work and week flow more easily. If you get ‘stuck’ running the business, stop and think about how you can add in the strength-based or joy making actions that make you smile more regularly.

Sometimes it’s the activity itself that is the joy, which means you can build more of that activity into your week. For example, as an author, it’s the act of writing, more than the satisfaction of publishing something on a given day, that is the driver. So how can you set aside and build into your business more ‘writing time’? You get the idea.

Running a business is hard work.

Make it easier by knowing what brings you joy, and build more of those activities into the business (or start to recognise when you are doing things that are linked to what you love; as a Speaker, every time you do a Facebook Live or interview, you are doing what you love).

This week, notice and build in the things you do that bring you joy.

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