What keeps you focused?

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2 min readJun 8, 2023


Running a business takes effort. There are a lot of moving parts. With so many things that need doing, across a huge variety of activities, how do you know what to do with your time?

Whether it’s just you or you have a team, how do you keep focused on what really matters? Knowing what to do is vital up front, but keeping focused on doing those things until they are done is important too.

It’s easy to lose motivation halfway through something, so do you go and leave it? It still needs to be completed long after the excitement of the starting of that task is gone.

Working out how you stay focused is vital.

Are you a strict follower of your diary? Do you add your tasks as well as your appointments? Or do you distract yourself from the main tasks at hand because they are too hard or not interesting enough? Do you use one of the many productivity tools available to organise your ‘doing’? Maybe you follow the whim of doing what you fancy, or perhaps you ignore the tough stuff.

Staying focused is what grows your business.

And staying focused on the money making activities grows the business even faster. :)

Ignoring the harder to do, or longer term tasks is in the long run, not a good idea. We say this not to pull you into guilt or shame. We say it to help get you focused. Because getting things done is all about focus.

Don’t end the week with your head hanging.

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