To raise your game, you must know what’s working

  • clarity on what success means to you
  • the awareness of what support and resources you have around you to achieve it
  • visibility on what is and isn’t working in your business — and the only way to do this is through measuring.
  1. Productive?
  • Do you have a range of products that enable your business to run without you having to swap time for money?
  • Can you reach a lot of people or are you capped due to your capacity?
  • Do you have systems and processes in place that automate your sales and marketing?
  • Do you outsource work that you don’t like or aren’t good at to freelancers or software?
  • Do you set targets and goals that you work towards with singular focus that allows you to make the impact you want to make?
  • Does the work you deliver get you closer to fulfilling your purpose?

Game-changing success is different.

It’s planned for. It’s not only organic, accidental or incidental. And the way you start to shift towards that is to get clear about what is working and what is not working in your business, and then putting some structures and systems in place that allow you to grow in the way you imagine.

  • to be making a difference at the scale and level you want
  • to be making the money you want from the efforts you put in
  • to be valued at the level you need to be and would like to be
  • to actually have the time energy and joy of loving your working without the hard graft
  • to know your products and services are desired, make sense and are being consumed in numbers they deserve

Here’s how to do it.

Every month, set aside about 90 minutes to do “RTRT” — the 4 steps that will help you raise your game.

1) Take time to REFLECT:

- Define success as you see it — what does that mean for the business, for you, for the people you serve? (don’t just read what you wrote last month, but instead, define it first, then compare if you must — you may just find the ‘gold’ by doing it this way!)

  • Ask: What’s right about the business right now, how is it doing?
  • Ask yourself: How am I right now, how am I doing?
  • Answer this: What does the business allow you to do?
  • Check in: What’s got you to this stage of the business?

2) TRACK the results

Setting targets & recording activities in the main areas of your business is a way to measure the progress. We suggest that you have some metrics or measurements in each of these 5 areas. And that you stay consistent in what you track, as this allows you to start seeing trends — both seasonal and practical.

3) Conduct your REVIEW

Take time to analyse the results and the stats you get from the 2nd step. It’s important to notice what makes the difference. If an increase has happened, explore why. For example, in your marketing you might notice that lead generation from speaking on stage or on virtual summits is getting a higher conversion than your digital lead magnet. This might show that you should put more emphasis on getting speaking gigs than FB advertisement.

4) TWEAK for success

Apply the insight you have gained to the day to day activities for the month or quarter to come. Put in to practice what might improve things even further. The numbers and tracking tell a story, so now your job is to decide what you most want to change and the tweak the process you have in place to ‘move the needle’ i.e. to change the situation to your advantage.



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