Is it time to create something new?

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2 min readMay 25, 2023


How are you feeling about your business today?

Are you excited? Deflated? Exhausted? Feeling cautious? Optimistic? Confused?

Stopping now and then to check where your energy is at, is one little thing you can do for your business. Checking in can show you if you are on track (or not!). It can show you that it might be time to do something in a new way, or indeed create or add something to your offers or your processes. This is especially true if you feel a little stuck or stagnant.

Let newness energise you!

Creating a new ‘anything’ can be the thing that starts to get you back in flow. The promise of ‘starting’ has a light energy that is usually enough to pull you out of that fixed or humdrum state you might be in. It’s usually a feeling of being excited, or curious or just down right inspired.

The new thing can be anything!

It can be anything — a new contact, the making of a lead magnet that has been brewing, a new place to work, a new collaboration partner, a new blog, or piece of writing, a new question you start to ask all your coaching clients. Truly, it’s just something that shakes things up.

The key here is that it’s something that didn’t exist before in your world. The very addition of that will help you make progress, however small or big that new thing is.

Give it a go, you’ll enjoy the energy that comes from creating…

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