Have you planned your getaway?

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2 min readAug 4, 2022

Have you had a mental break yet? With the summer holidays officially well on the way, we are asking if you’ve planned a stop or been ‘away’ yet. Whether you are adventurously hopping on a plane, getting away from where you are or stay-cationing at home, we urge you to plan in a break. Even if you’ve already had one.

It can be easy to just ‘work through’ and not rest or relax and take some time off — off from the demands, the thinking, the constant change that’s likely to have been happening in your business. As thought leaders, we often find that speaker, author, coaches ‘forget’ to plan in their holidays or at least their mental rest times.

Everyone needs downtime.

Holidays give us a chance to not only rest our bodies but our minds. That ‘always on’ feeling is something that isn’t good for you longer term. You need the space, the clarity that comes to you when you are NOT thinking about work. You need to just be for a while. And you need to plan it in. Anyone who is passionate about what they do needs to do this. It helps bring in perspective. You can’t keep going without stopping. It prevents creativity and joy.

If you’ve not so far taken a full break, then take some time today to plan a few days of just resting, of being, and make sure you reset before you run out of time. Make it something fun for you (or for you and your family) that allows you to just step away for a while, so you come back fresh and available to do more, see differently and begin again.

Enjoy the summer!

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