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2 min readFeb 23, 2023

When was the last time you asked for a referral or testimonial for one of your products or services?

As busy and creative speakers, authors and coaches, unless you’ve got this built in systematically to your business (well done if you have!), it becomes a powerful trick you are missing in your business.

Referrals from people who’ve already bought from you are so powerful.

When someone has experienced the magic you bring, they are the best person to share that with someone else who has the problems they had. Most speakers, authors and coaches we coach don’t ask for referrals when we first meet them. Somehow you make up that it might sour relationships with the clients you are already asking, or that it’s not right. It’s not true. Try it. People love to help others — this way, they get to help two sets of people.

Are you asking for testimonials every time you do something with someone?

When people buy into you, or indeed buy from you, it’s a no brainer to ask for a testimonial. It might even seem easier than asking for a referral — especially if you know you are delivering quality services and products. Getting feedback and endorsement for a job well done — whether on a specific programme or on how you are as a deliverer is vital for your marketing efforts AND your mental health when it comes to business.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that what you are doing isn’t working and get on the ‘create more’ treadmill. Testimonials can help you stay sane and know that you are doing ok, or more likely, brilliantly. It can also keep you focused on promoting what already works, and building up the business, rather than being caught in the constant creation loop that prevents money from coming in regularly as you remove your focus from the money making activities you know you should be doing.

So, who will you ask today for feedback, a testimonial or a referral? (Whatever name popped in just now, go do it!)

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