Are your assets being used optimally?

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2 min readMay 11, 2023


When was the last time you reviewed your marketing and what’s working for you?

As an entrepreneur, especially those working in the B2C market, you’ve likely got lead magnets and free things sitting around doing nothing or very little because you made them a long time ago, and have either moved on or not quite given them the energy they deserve.

Is everything you have ‘out there’ up to date and relevant for your audience?

Surveying what you’ve got that builds your list on a regular basis is a key to growing your speaker, author, coach business. We’d recommend that you do so at least monthly to get the data on which and how things are working. But you can (and should!) go further than that.

Reviewing all your campaigns every quarter or twice a year is a good thing to do, beyond just looking at the numbers. Here’s why: overall, your ‘funnels’ may well be working and adding people to your list as lead magnets should do.

Are the emails directing people to the RIGHT places in your product range?

Reviewing your nurture emails that lead on from a download can be extremely helpful as it means you can ensure you are directing people to a new or more relevant product or process for example. Or maybe you’ve added a skill or qualification that means you can update the text or context of a landing page. Maybe the delivery mechanism has stopped working. All sorts of things can happen that mean you are not making the most of your list building resources. They need checking regularly to ensure they are working at their most efficient.

Our prompt this week is for you to set some time aside to make sure all your assets are working for you.

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