All speakers, authors and coaches need a bio, whether it’s being used on your book sleeve/cover, on your website, your speaker brochure or to introduce you on stage.

Having a good ‘base’ bio allows you to share who you are fast and efficiently — getting you one step closer any…

When you make an offer, you can enhance its chances of being taken up tenfold by making sure that your sales page has some key elements in place.

Most speakers, authors and coaches ‘throw together’ their landing, sales, and opt-in pages (they are actually all pretty much the same thing…

We all need help support and guidance when growing scaling or even maintaining our business. We are coaches, and we need coaching. Whoever heard of trusting a coach that doesn’t have a coach?!

Choosing a coach can be tricky. It’s a bit goldilocks, we want the one that’s ‘just right’…

Speaker INsight

We support speakers, authors & coaches to monetise their message, market their purpose and create & manage their portfolio business, ON THEIR TERMS™.

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